Beiruti Bite Express is a food chain specialized is all authentic Lebanese and Arabic food such as shawarma, Falafel, Saj, Hummos, Mutabal, Biryani, Egyptian Noodles Koshari and many more.

B.B.E brand concept started back in 2015 by its founder who has brought authentic chefs and business team together creating a great business plan backed with great vision.

Since then B.B.E has successfully opened many branches in NCR Philippines.
B.B.E. business model has proven successful and is ready for huge expansion plan.

The Founder Message:

We don live in the world of globalization in which the world serve as a huge melting pot for what we believe a great earthly civilization in which every individual culture play unique role in the big picture, we do believe that preseRving one's aspects of culture to take place in the newly born civilization is a great cause, we also believe that food is a great point to start ,Not just food but the authentic food, how will you know its authentic? you will just know despite your background, You will know when you hold your Shawarma ,Saj or Falafel and taste the first bite! You know the mouth watering and the deep joyful breath you take right after?! yeah that’s you traveling back in time appreciating who first made it, and those who pass it on along years and those who bring it right here for you to taste.

Yours Truly, 
Founder - B.B.E.

B.B.E. Vision:

In B.B.E. We are committed to provide our customer with unique experience of authentic Arabic food that can be engineered to be fast prepared yet fresh and tasty.

Globalization is inevitable we believe in a world that is united but yet preserve and respect its culture background. Food is I big part of any culture, by introducing our authentic food we believe that helps bridge between cultures in a constructive way.

B.B.E. Mission:

The organization’s fundamental reason for being; To provide superior quality Authentic Arabic fast food, where:
1- To provide authentic Arabic food experience in every bite of a sandwich we serve.
2- The upmost target, the customer satisfaction is prioritized and achieved at all cost.
3- We create a work place for our employees and specialists that can bring the best our of them and increase awareness of our mission to society.

B.B.E. Core Values:

The organization’s essential and enduring tenets;
1– Basic Honesty, Complete Integrity and Work hard yet keep it fun.
2- Technical contribution to the fields in which we participate.
3- Respect and encouragement of individual ability and creativity for B.B.E. employees.
4- Profit, but profit from work that benefits our clients and strictly achieves their upmost satisfaction.
5- Growth, means to make sure all the above values achieved.